Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Strength of Materials (SOM) - Notes, Tutorials

Strength of Materials

Introduction/Review of Statics, Stress, Stress, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Transformation of Stress, Axial Load, Transformation of Strain, Torsion, Beam Bending, Bending of 'Composite ' Beams, Transverse Shear, Combined Loadings, Deflections of Beams and Shafts

Strength of Materials (SOM)

* Material Properties: Strength of Material - Simple Compression Studies, Plasticity and Adiabatic Shear Bands, Metastable Phases, Phase-Change Measurements, Rear-Surface Studies etc.

* Material Selection Guide - Abbreviations and Acronyms, Metals,Plastics, Coefficient of Friction Testing, Compressive Strength Testing, Deflection Temperature Testing, Metal Matrix Composites, Plastic Recycling Codes etc

* Torsion Definitions - Dictionary meaning of word Torsion

* Cast Iron - Cast iron usually refers to grey cast iron, but can mean any of a group of iron-based alloys containing more than 2% carbon ... read more

* The Basics of Torsion Mechanics - The general principle of inertia as a generalization of Newton's mechanics, Torsion Interactions, Torsion mechanics as a generalization of Einstein's mechanics

* SOM Syllabus - Strength of Materials Syllabus

* A Study on Controlled Low Strength Material - The aim of this research is to address CLSM’s engineering properties and chemical resistance. Various tests were done to quantify the workability, strength and chemical resistance.

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